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Pro Body Slotter. The Pro Body Slotter is the first tool of it’s kind for Pinewood Derby™ builders. It allows new/accurate slots to be cut in the body block to help meet the demand of ”Axles in the Slot” rules. How To Align Axle Slots - Pinewood Racing Car | PineCar ... Learn how to perfectly align axle slots on your Pinewood Racing Car with the Axle Slot Jig from PineCar. Correct flaws in existing axle slots or drill new ones. Ensure vertical and horizontal slot ... Official Redwood District Pinewood Derby Rules 2018 Official Pinewood Derby Rules 2018 Page 2 of 6 h) If an axle slot is not straight, is broken, defective, or otherwise not usable as determined by the car builder, a new slot or hole may be cut or drilled. The new hole or slots must be spaced apart (or have a wheelbase of) exactly 4-5/16" (4.3125"), but may be between 4" and 4-1/2". 2019 Alamance District Pinewood Derby -

Pro Body Slotter for Pinewood Derby Cars

Rules Help | Pinewood Derby Online Axles MUST be aligned with each other (front right axle even with the front left axle and back right axle even with the back left axle). 10. The wheels must be those from the BSA Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit or the BSA approved (will have a BSA logo on them) Black or Colored wheels.

The axles must be attached directly to the original block of wood (see below for axle slot rules). 3. Dimensions and Weight a. The total weight of the car may not ...

Pinewood Derby Rules Rules Provided by Pinewood Pro Nail type axles but not limited to those found in the Official Pinewood Derby kit are to be used. Modifications to the Axles are allowed that include straightening, sanding, polishing, canting, grooving, beveling & tapering of axle head as long as the Diameter of the Axle is not reduced the Diameter may not be

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